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Normen Krekelberg - Sohre Leder

Normen Krekelberg

In the company since 2005
Manager / Responsible for Purchasing / Sales

Andrea Krekelberg - Sohre Leder

Andrea Krekelberg

In the company since 2010
Responsible for Accounting / Payment Transactions / Staff

Lambert Krekelberg - Sohre Leder

Lambert Krekelberg

In the company since 1993
Responsible for Sorting / Arrangement of Perforations & Perforation Marks / Dispatch

Roman Rubaszewski - Sohre Leder

Roman Rubaszewski

In the company since 2016
Responsible for Leather Cutting / Leather Processing / Dispatch
(Worked previously for over 20 years in the tannery J. Krekelberg GmbH)

Ingo Jennissen - Sohre Leder

Ingo Jennissen

In the company since 2018
Sales – Handling – Accounting
(Previously since his apprenticeship in 2003 at Fa. Esser & Wackers)

Friedel Zumborn - Sohre Leder

Friedel Zumborn

In the company since 2018
Sales management
(Previously since his apprenticeship in 1973 at Fa. Esser & Wackers)

Aurella Rubaszewski - Sohre Leder

Aurella Rubaszewski

In the company since 2009
Responsible for Perforation & Perforation Marks

Hans Hubert Wallraven - Sohre Leder

Hans Hubert Wallraven

In the company since 2011
Responsible for Perforating & Embossing / Transport

Sandro Salvagno - Sohre Leder

Sandro Salvagno

In the company since 2018
Warehousing – Dispatch

Since 1960

Karl F. G. Sohre is a company that can look back on a long tradition. Its origins reach into the 60s of the 19th century. 

Founded in Dresden as leather wholesale suppliers, tanneries in Freital and Ostritz later belonged to the company which ranked among the best-equipped leather manufacturing factories before the Second World War. 

After the turmoil of war, only the branch in Cologne remained which was continued as a leather wholesale supplier.

Sohre was taken over by the Krekelberg family who, to this date, has counted among the most important suppliers with their vegetable tannery.
Initial start-up of the first perforating machine
Initial start-up of the CNC cutting machine
Management take-over by Normen Krekelberg
Production is switched to contract manufacturers in Germany
Takeover of the machine park of Gerberei Krekelberg (Krekelberg Tannery)
The leather range of Gerberei Krekelberg is continued
Takeover of Esser & Wackers; the complete range of goods is continued