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Our range of products isn’t limited to finished leather. On the contrary, whether the leather needs to be changed or processed by cutting or perforation, we supply everything from one source.

Perforated Leather Pictogram - Sohre Leder

Perforating of and perforation marks on leather and other materials

We can perforate all leathers in our programme for you or provide them with perforation marks. Our standard pattern is 3.5 / 7 mm. This is the pattern most used in the orthopaedic and shoe industry, though also on leathers used for steering wheels and car seats. We can also do this on your leathers as contract work. Besides leather, also other materials can be perforated and, under reserve, provided with perforation marks, too.

Leather Perforation - Sohre Leder

Cutting Leather Pictrogram - Sohre Leder

Cutting leather and flat materials

With our CNC cutting machine, we can cut leather as well as other flat materials from small animal furs to whole hides from southern German bulls, from light and very soft clothing napa to stiff floor leather – its processing has no limits. As a model, all we need is a stencil or drawing.

Leather Cutting - Sohre Leder

Leatherworking Pictogram - Sohre Leder

Leather processing (staking, milling, shaving)

With our machinery, we are able to rework our leathers and customise them, and the required softness can be achieved through staking and milling. We can also harden and smooth the leathers with a roller or plating machine. We can equalise vegetable-tanned leather by shaving it with a rotating blade cylinder. And nubuck leather is made on a sanding machine.

Leatherworking - Sohre Leder