Sohre Leder is a leather supplier for the leather industry

Sohre Leder produces cowhide in a German contract tannery (LWG gold-rated) for the orthopaedic and shoe industry, for clothing and gloves, for manufacturers of belts and leather goods and for equestrian sports.
At the customer's request, these leathers can also be produced on the basis of wet blue or wet white (chrome-free). Only the best raw materials from selected abattoirs in southern Germany are used in conjunction with high-quality auxiliary materials - always in compliance with the strict social and ecological standards of the EU.
Under the brand name VegLine, we sell IVN-certified natural leather that meets the highest ecological and social standards!
We also have a wide stock programme for the various areas of application. In addition to the sale of leather, we offer additional services such as perforating and other flat materials as well as CNC-controlled cutting of leather.

Our service for your added value.

Leather, from stock, promptly at your disposal. Leather, just the way you want it, exclusively for you. Leather, ecologically and socially sustainable, regionally produced.

Perfectly Perforated - Sohre Leder
Perfectly Perforated
Leather Accurately Cut - Sohre Leder
Accurately Cut
Wonderfully Variable - Sohre Leder
Wonderfully Variable